• Secret 8: Use the SECRETS as a System

    The Rose as a System

    Many people see the red rose as one of the most beautiful flowers and a symbol of love.  As you can see in the picture above, the rose’s beauty comes from the petals forming the system that is the rose.  If the petals were not aligned as a system to form the rose, it would lose its beauty and its privileged place as a symbol of love.

    The SECRETS of Aligned Thinking as a System

    So also with Aligned Thinking.  The SECRETS when aligned form a beautiful system to get the most from your time and live a more productive, fulfilling life.

    You can look at each of the SECRETS and see how the other SECRETS depend on it to give you the benefits the entire Aligned Thinking SECRETS offer you.  This checklist will give you a quick assessment of how the SECRETS are serving you and what you can do to enjoy more of the benefits they offer.


    Using the SECRETS as a System

    Directions: 1. Answer each question as you are presently doing, not as you wish you were doing.

    Yes means: I’m doing it well
    Sometimes means: I could use some improvement
    No means: I need a lot of improvement

    NOTE: you will find it easier to keep score if you print this by clicking on the Print Button above.

    Following the directions above Yes Sometimes     No Score Find Help At
    1. I recognize the only thing I REALLY control is just this action NOW, and work at consistently getting the most from just this action.         Blog 2
    Sec 1
    2. I have clarified what I REALLY want in my personal and professional life in writing and review it regularly.         Blog 3
    Sec 2
    3. I regularly select my MIN (Most Important Now) by taking into consideration what I am passionate about, i.e. what I REALLY want in my personal and professional life.         Blog 4
    Sec 3
    4. I avoid multitasking.  I work at being totally focused on the MIN I select, i.e. I try to live TIIMM: Total Involved In My MIN.         Blog 5
    Sec 4
    5. I know it is not only not selfish but smart to motivate my life by consistently focusing on what I REALLY want as clarified in my personal and professional life purpose/mission.         Blog 6
    Sec 5
    6. Using the Freedom Secret I turn all interruptions into opportunities.         Blog 7
    Sec 6
    7. I avoid to-do-list frustration by not using a to-do list, but a holding pen – that is always near but out of sight – and a priority list.         Blog 8
    Sec 7
    8. I see the SECRETS as a System, each one supporting and depending on all the others.  I work at implement them all so I get the most from my time and live a more productive, fulfilling life.         Blog 9
    Sec 8
    9. I recognize most champions have a coach to become and stay a champion.  Because I want to be a champion in getting the most from my time, I have an Aligned Thinking Coach.         Blog 10
    Sec 9
    9 ½ Because champions have a well-developed plan to stay champions once they become champions, I have a well-developed plan to continue getting the most from my time.         Blog 11  Sec 9½
    Total Score >>  

    Directions: 2. When the 9 ½ questions are completed score yourself; Yes= 10, Sometime=3, No=-10.

    Meaning of Your Score

    80 – 100 Fantastic You’re enjoying many of the Aligned Thinking Secrets already.

    More growth is possible and will be relatively easy.

    30 – 79 Good Job Progress is obvious.  There are many more benefits waiting for you when you implement all the SECRETS 100%.
    29 to -29     Growth Possible The Aligned Thinking Secrets offer you many benefits, especially in the area of optimizing your productivity and life fulfillment.

    A little time committed now will produce life ROI.

    -30 to -50     Great Growth Possible This score indicates there could be a significant amount of stress in your life which implementing the secrets will help overcome.
    -51 and below   Immediate Help Needed With a score this low, having a coach will be your most cost-effective way to improve quickly.

    See the FREE offer in Blog 9, SECRET 8.

    Direction: 3. Write the actions that you need to take so you can enjoy all the Aligned Thinking benefits you want.

              Bad News: Only taking the assessment with just hope of improvement will be a waste of time!
              Good News: Writing your commitment of the actions to be taken will make success easier and more certain.

    In the space below, put the actions you will take to improve your use of time by implementing the SECRETS.
    Then put your commitment in a place where you will see it daily.

    To get the most from my time, I will take the following actions…

    –                                                                                                              –



    –                                                                                                              –



    –                                                                                                              –




    As can be seen from the above, the SECRETS support each other, thus forming the Aligned Thinking System.

    SECRET 5:
    The Most Successful People
    Implement all 9 ½ SECRETS because they form a SYSTEM.
    Skip any one and you lose part of your Significant Competitive Edge
    to Live the life you REALLY want.

    Problem/Challenge of this Blog: Not enough Time

    Is it true, “No one can give you more time?”  Yes and no!  There will always be only 24 hours in a day.  However, research shared by Dan Buettner who wrote the best seller, Blue Zones, says if you have a good reason to get up tomorrow you can add 7.5 years to your longevity.  These SECRETS used as a System can not only give you a good reason to get up tomorrow, they can help you successfully move toward goals contained in that reason.

    Benefits of This Blog: Optimize TOTAL Life Meaning

    The SECRETS working as a System make life so much easier. By using them as a system, you focus on getting the most from just this next moment NOW.  When you get the most from just this action NOW consistently, you will be getting the most from your life just one action at a time. And when that happens you are Optimizing TOTAL Life Meaning.


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