• Secret 3 – Connect the Only Thing You Control to Your Passion

    Secret 3 – The Story of 3 Seekers

    Secret 3 is best explained by the story of 3 seekers.  They were each looking for more from their time with little or no stress.  Specifically, they each felt like their problem was not accomplishing enough which led to low satisfaction.

    These three were:

    Mr. Do-What-I-Feel-Like

    Mr. Goody-Goody

    Mr. MIN

    They each decided what to do next depending on what they wanted from life.


    Mr. Do-What-I-Feel-Like

    Mr. D was committed to freedom.  The quintessence of freedom to Mr. D was when he decided what to do next, it meant doing what he really felt like.  His feeling was the key.  However, it did not work well for his accomplishing more with greater satisfaction.  When he decided what to do next, there was always a few moments of immediate satisfaction.

    But he began sleeping late because he felt like it.  He found it difficult to hold a good job. This led to drinking more because in the moment it felt good.  Drugs followed.  As the pattern kept up, Mr. D’s future was not good.


    Mr. Goody-Goody

    Mr. G found it easy to give people what they asked for.  There was less arguing and combat that way.  Mr. G was well liked.  However, when he occasionally stopped to review his accomplishment and satisfaction, it felt good people liked him.  But in his heart-of-heart, he asked himself who was guiding his like.  The answer did not speak of optimizing accomplishment and satisfaction.


    Mr. MIN

    Mr. MIN lucked out.  He discovered the 5-Second-MIN Secret.  The 5-Second-MIN Secret says before you decide what to do next, you ask yourself this simple nine word question: “What’s my MIN related to what I really want?”

    He discovered it took less than 2.5 seconds to ask the question.  And most times about 2.5 seconds to answer the question.

    Mr. MIN liked this 5-Second-MIN Secret because of what it gave him.  The first part, “What’s my MIN?” helped him focus on WHAT to do, his “Most Important Now.”  This did several things.  It helped him avoid the myth that many live under thinking that multitasking is more effective.  It is not!

    By consistently focusing on his one MIN this moment, he could be more productive.  He avoided the stress of many things and only being able to accomplish one.  This focus helped him do a better job with the important things.  And that led to great satisfaction in the moment and especially when the day was done.

    The second part of the 5-Second-MIN Secret helped in those 2.5 second clarify the WHY.  This next action is important because it helped him make progress on what he REALLY wants.  Mr. MIN took Secret 2 seriously. (See Blog 3)  He clarified what he was passionate about in writing and reviewed it day; sometime on tough days even more frequently.

    Mr. MIN is aware that the value of his action comes from why he does it. And he is happy that most of his actions during the day are selected by his values. He is pleased with the Aligned Thinking Loop.


    Aligned Thinking Success Loop

    Just ONE MIN: Optimizes Accomplishment + Satisfaction


    1 > 2 > 3   what you REALLY want drives – motivates – every action.

    3 > 2 > 1   Every Action takes you back to what you REALLY want.

    Each action takes you a step closer to the Life you REALLY want.

    With each step – each action – you have the satisfaction that you’re on the Journey to the Life you REALLY want.


    When he explained to a friend the power and beauty of the 5-Second-MIN Secret, the friend asked if it did not seem selfish to always be deciding what to do next because of what he really wants.  Mr. MIN pointed out that some of what he REALLY wants has to do with the above lifestyle for his family and friends. But because he is able to do what he REALLY wants most of the time, life is more satisfying and productive.  (Actually this will be discussed in detail in Secret 5.)

    Last, Mr. MIN pointed out that beauty and simplicity can be found in your own backyard (See the picture up top.)  The 5-Second-MIN Secret is totally within the power of anyone’s “backyard.”  Anyone can ask this simple nine word question.  He said it has totally changed his life and can do the same for anyone who uses it daily.


    SECRET 3:
    The Most Successful People
    let their Passion – what they REALLY want –
    define their Most Important Now (MIN).



    Reviewing – The Challenge/Problem Secret 3 Will Help Overcome


    Category: Not Enough Accomplishment & Satisfaction

    It is simple to see why Mr. Do-What-I-Feel-Like and Mr. Goody-Goody would like accomplishment.  Of course there are many other ways to decide what to do next.  Recalling Secret 1, Start with What You Control, since the only thing you control is just the next action NOW, it is of critically importance the criteria you use to decide what to do next serve you well.  Not to have a clear criteria can make it possible that sometimes you use Mr. D’s or Mr. G’s criteria.



    Reviewing – Benefits You Can Expect


    Category: Accomplish More, and More of the Important Things

    Mr. MIN has three things in his favor:

    1. He is always working on his one MIN.
    2. This one MIN is consistently motivated by what he REALLY wants.
    3. He avoids the stress of thinking of many things he cannot accomplish right now.

    All this adds up to accomplishing more, and more of the important things.


    The Huge Bonus

    Increasing Satisfaction with Little or No Stress flows from the fact that Mr. MIN is focused on one thing at each moment.  That means that he is going to feel more satisfied in the moment because he is not experiencing the frustration of thinking of many things that he cannot accomplish now.

    And when he does this day-in and day-out, he will feel better at day’s end and with his life accomplishment.  (This blog 4 is listed under both increased accomplishment and satisfaction?)


    You as an Aligned Thinker

    An Aligned Thinker can do what most people believe impossible:

    Consistently align just this next action to – the riches – the values – the life – they REALLY want.


    Secrets 1, 2, and 3, especially the 5-Second-MIN Secret will go a long way in helping you enjoy

    all the benefits of being an Aligned Thinker in both your professional and personal life


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