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    Life should be full of meaning!
    How can I enjoy it daily, even moment-to-moment?

    Two Life Changing Questions – Reviewing Secret 1

    In the last blog, I shared the two questions that has made my life so much simpler and can do the same for you:

    1. What do you really control?
    2. How do you get the most from it – what ever “it” is?

    Since the past of gone and the future is not here yet, the only thing you really control is just this action NOW.

    That leads directly to Secret 1:

    The Most Successful People
    Start with what they control – just this action NOW.

    If you can discover “How do you get the most from ‘it’?” – it being just this action NOW – the immediate and life changing pay off is huge.  You’ll overcome feelings like:

    • There is too much to do!
    • You never get everything done!
    • It’s hard to focus on what is really important!
    • Others control your life!
    • It’s be challenging to concentrate on getting the most from your life and career!

    Each of the above can add stress to your life.  Stress can take away the enjoyment of a more productive, fulfilling life.  What is worse, it can lead to high blood pressure, which can cause strokes, heart attacks, cancer and eventually your demise.  So the payoff is really huge.

    How Using SECRET 2 Overcame 140+ Rejections and Make a $70,000,000 Sale

    Jack Canfield was a classmate of mine when I got my doctorate at the U. of Mass.   I admired many things about Jack.  He was smart and creative.  He valued the ability to help people reach their full potential.

    This led him to collect stories about how people overcame great odds to reach their full potential.  He put them in a book and called it Chicken Soup for the Soul. He was passionate about getting it published.  He was so convinced it would help a huge number of people, he wanted it to become a best seller.

    He did some things people thought “over the top” at the time.  He printed the title, Chicken Soup for the Soul,

    and pasted it on the top of the New York Times Best Seller List.  He put the paper in a place where he could see it not only daily, but hourly.  Each time he looked at his title on top of the Best Seller List, he became more motivated.

    And he really needed to be motivated, because he went to publisher after publisher.  The answer was always the same, “No, we don’t think “Chicken Soup” fits what this publishing company is all about.”

    He received ten “No’s.”  Twenty “No’s.”  Fifty “No’s.”  A hundred “No’s.”  And unfortunately the “No’s” kept coming.  He received in all more than one hundred and forty “No’s.”  He needed to stay focused on his passion about helping people with this book to take all those “No’s,” and keep trying to get Chicken Soup for the Soul published.

    The picture on top of the New York Times Best Seller List clarified and motivated his passion. His passion kept him going. And, at last, one more try brought success.  Chicken Soup for the Soul was published and did make the top of the New York Times Best Seller List.  Not only that, the follow up books – and there were many – also did very well.  Jack built it into a series that became his brand.  Recently, Jack and his partner sold the brand for $70,000,000. order prednisone overnight

    Few people doubt the process Jack used to help himself clarify his passion for getting his book published by not only putting it in writing, but pasting it on the top of the New York Times Best Seller List.  You can see how this story is an excellent example to imitate and leads you to Secret 2.

    SECRET 2:
    The Most Successful People
    clarify what they REALLY want by writing it,
    and reviewing it regularly so they stay focused on it.

    Reviewing – The Challenge/Problem Secret 2 Will Help Overcome

    Category: Life Doesn’t Have Much Meaning Any More

    When life does not have as much meaning as it did, we can learn a number of important guiding questions from Jack Canfield’s experience.

    “Are you clear about what you are passionate about, i.e. what you REALLY want from life?”

    “Is it written?” If it isn’t written, it might not be clear.

    “Is it reviewed regularly?” Jack used this for daily motivation.

    “Are you focused on it? Taking action daily?”  Jack is an excellent example.

    The interesting thing about each of those questions is they are within one’s power to do something about it today.

    Reviewing – Benefits You Can Expect

    Category: The 3-Part Key to Outstanding Success

    The story of Jack Canfield highlights the three-part key to outstanding success:

    1. Clarify what you REALLY want by writing it.
    2. Review it regularly – possibly more than daily to keep motivation high as Jack did.
    3. Stay focused on what you want – every day.

    All of this is within your power, not easy, but very worthwhile.

    It is worth pointing out that following the above 3-part key has three additional benefits.

    Have More to Live For Day-In and Day-Out

    The many days, weeks and months when Jack was collecting his stories, he had something to live for.

    Of course the disappointments of the 143 rejection hurt.  But his belief in how he could help people and the picture on the New York Times best seller list kept him going.  He had something to get up every day and live for. (See A Surprise Benefit below.)

    The Enemy You Can Avoid

    Working with people all these years shows you have three enemies holding you back from living the life you REALLY want:

    1. Not being aware that clarifying what you REALLY want and reviewing regularly can be so powerful.
    2. Thinking, “I’ll do it when I find the time!” For what is important, we don’t “find time.” We make time!
    3. Writing it, but not reviewing it daily and working daily to make it happen.

    Each of these enemies is within your power to overcome immediately starting right now.

    A Surprise Benefit

    One obvious benefit of using SECRET 2 is that what you REALLY want could happen.  Of course, I can’t assure you of making $70,000,000.  But you could accomplish what you dream of and are passionate about.

    But there is the surprise benefit here.  The author of Blue Zones – where people – especially men – live to 100 ten times more frequently than in the United States, Dan Buethner, said that when you have an ikigai – a reason to get up tomorrow, you can add 7.3 years to your longevity.  For the time it takes to clarify and regularly review what you REALLY want from life, to live 7.3 year longer is a great ROI.

    Leave us a comment. 

    What part of Jack’s story and SECRET 2 most resonates with you?