• 9 ½ Secrets the Most Successful People Use That Other’s Don’t

    Coach Jim Steffen, Author of the International Best Seller, “Aligned Thinking: Make Every Moment Count.”

    I coach very busy, high achievers
    – people just like you – 

    • To get the most from their time
    • And live a more productive fulfilling life.

    I’d like to do the same for you starting right now
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    4 Critical Questions

    1. How will this blog help you?
    2. Why will Aligned Thinking work for you?
    3. What’s the investment and the expected ROI?
    4. How can you can be assured of receiving all this life changing info every week – free

    1. How will this blog help you?

    Time – You’ll learn not only how to get the most from your time, you’ll also:

    • Overcome to-do-list frustration
    • Be more productive with less stress
    • Turn interruptions into opportunities
    • Take work/life balance to new heights.

    Money – You’ll learn 5 things to increase your income starting immediately

    Success – I’ll share with you in detail the 9 ½ SECRETS the Most Successful People Use that Others Don’t

    Stress – You’ll learn 5 mistakes people make that cause stress and the Aligned Thinking immediate solution.

    Happiness – I’ll share with you my 40-year battle and the simple insight that helps me be happier and stay happier.

    Health – You’ll learn 3 things to live healthier today, and 4 important keys to actually live longer.

    • One thing to do to add 7 years to your longevity.


    This is just some of what you will receive weekly from The Aligned Way Blog.

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    2. Why will Aligned Thinking work for you?

    For more than 40 years I have been researching how the most successful people get the most from their time.  It has been my privilege to interview leaders in 160 Fortune 500 Companies.  Aligned Thinking is the simple answer.

    Each time I discovered a new insight, I would test it by teaching it to my clients.  Aligned Thinking will guide you to get the most from your time because it has been tested, refined and proven for 40 years.

    I’m sure you can develop the Aligned Thinking Habits if you are willing to invest your time.  


    3. What’s the investment and the expected ROI?

    Let’s be honest!  If I could have put Aligned Thinking in a pill and you could take it with a drink, I would have.

    But that is impossible. You have the ability to create new habits.  In this case, your investment will be very small for a huge ROI.  You just need a simple 10, 5 and 5 investment.

    10 minutes – a week to read this blog and implement this week’s step. Your improvement will begin immediately.

    5 minutes – a day to clarity what you really want to accomplish today. I’ll share a very effective way to do this.

    5 seconds – when you decide what to do next.  I’ll share with you the 5-Second MIN (Most Important Now) Secret that works miracles.  In 40+ years I have never met an alumni that forgot the 5-Second MIN Secret.


    4. How can you be assured of receiving all this life changing info every week – free

    If you have not registered, do so immediately so you can be sure of receiving each of these blogs – free.

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    Bonus One – The Inside Story

    My very insightful partner, Rob Duncan told me, “Coach Jim, share with us what you learned that helps you. I get more out of how you do things than I get when you tell stories about others.”  

    People love stories.  So you’ll hear lots of stories.  Replying to my partner’s request, frequently I’ll include my personal stories of how these 40+ years of research how the Most Successful People use their time helps me in my personal life.  I’ll especially share with you my 40+ year quest to increase my own happiness; the mistakes I made; and the discoveries that have taken my happiness to new, never before experienced heights.  I promise you will have regular access to The Inside Story – My Personal Story – of my mistakes, challenges, discoveries and successes.


    Bonus Two – My Latest Discovery – the Power of the Partner

    The most outstanding discovery I’ve made in the last couple years is the power and fun of having a partner to discover, explore and implement Aligned Thinking with.  You need a coach.  I’m committed to do my best.  But you’ll find there is nothing like a personal partner.  Here is what I suggest.


    Ask several friends to join you in reviewing these weekly blogs.  There will be a triple win:

    • You’ll get more insights and fun from each blog.
    • You will do your friend/significant other/relative/peer/or direct report a real favor. They will benefit.
    • Week after week you will grow closer to your friend/significant other/relative/peer/or direct report.

    So register now, and suggest your future partner does the same: www.TheAlignedWay.com/TeamRegister


    Next Week

    SECRET 1: Start with what you control!

    Do you control your time?  Shocking – one of my first clients said we do not!  Was he right?

    Next time I’ll share a fact you can’t deny and how acknowledging that fact will make your life much simpler.

    And how this discovery can help you in all your tomorrows.