• Secret 4: Focus Totally on Your MIN

    If you want to overcome too much stress and frustration and accomplish more with increased satisfaction and happiness, building the Aligned Thinking™ Habit to use Secret 4 is key.  It’s simple, with proven hints to help.

    SECRET 4:
    The Most Successful People
    are totally focused,
    on just one thing at a time –  their MIN.

    Overview of the Blog
    1. The myth you don’t want to fall for – multitasking
    2. The self I don’t like
    3. The self I want to be


    1. The Myth You Don’t Want to Fall for – Multitasking

    Some people are convinced that multitasking is the way to be more productive.  Actually, research shows it is the way to be less productive.  Experience shows it can consistently cause stress and even get you killed.

    If you put “multitasking” into Google, nine of the first ten entries are research that show multitasking increases productivity is a myth.  Fedstival, a U.S. Government magazine, in its July 19, 2016 issue has an article under the heading, “Neuroscientists Say Multitasking Literally Drains the Energy Reserves of Your Brain.” The heading I like best is from the Wall Street Journal, “Multitasking Makes You Stupid.” And it can get you killed texting and driving.


    1. The Self I Don’t Like

    A client I highly value told me, “Coach Jim, I get more out of the stories you tell about yourself than those you tell about others.”  So this is me and the self I don’t like.  When I ask the 5-SECOND MIN Secret, “What’s my MIN related to what I really want?” (Details see blog 4) Let’s say the answer is clean my desk.  There is something in me that wants to do something more important – even though I know this is important.

    Another part of the self I am trying to overcome is looking at the time and thinking, “How soon is lunch?”  First, asking that question makes lunch come all the slower.  Another part of the self I am trying to lose is looking for some immediate satisfaction.  Not do this large – and important task – but make this call and do this little errand.

    Each of these examples have one thing in common.  When I use all the excellent tools of Aligned Thinking to select my MIN (Most Important Now), my psyche pushes back.  That is the self I don’t like. It does not lead to peace of mind.


    1. The Self I Want to Be – and WHY

    When I use all the great tools Secrets 1, 2 and 3 offer, I want to correctly select my MIN and then have my total self focused on the MIN – and nothing else.  Once I set all else out of site in my holding pen, I want my total self – my total psyche and all my power to focus on just that one task.  When that happens there is peace and productivity.

    And it has happened.  Take this morning.  I was discussing with a client the unique program that he would like me to build for his group so that they feel and act more like a team.  This is something I understand as valuable to him.  Something I value and feel I have a lot to offer.  I was as I would like to be – always in the TIIMM mode.  TIIMM stands for Totally Involved In My MIN.  There was great productivity, peace and even excitement in our discussion.


    A Hint That Has 3 Simple Parts – Tested and Proven to Work

    The hint that works best for me is the following:

    – Once I select my MIN, any other thought is treated like a bad thought.

    – I set my iPhone alarm for 50 minutes.  Working 50 minutes with a 10 minute break has proven in a day’s time to accomplish more than just working a straight 60 minutes.

    – Then I play the T5 game.  If I work TIIMM – Totally Involved In My MIN – for just 5 minutes, I reward myself.  Sometimes that is a drink of coffee. Sometimes it’s just a pat on the back that I have started and doing well.

    The good news.  Each of these 3 parts is simple to do.  The bad news – I have a very bad self to change – as stated above.  The good news; it is working. I’ve been at this blog for 45 minutes and it’s moving.  I suggest you test these 3 simple steps out.  It’s helping me be the self I want to live with.  It can do the same for you.


    Problem/Challenge of This Blog: Too Much Stress and Frustration

    When you let yourself multitask, you are thinking of several things that you would like to get done.  But research shows that only one – if that – will get done well.  The desire to get the others done goes into energy to get the others done.  Since that energy can’t be totally used, it causes frustration which causes stress.

    The self I don’t want to be – described above – also causes frustration that leads to stress.  As I shared above, when I am TIIMM – Totally Involved In My MIN – the stress and frustration I experience when I’m the self I don’t want to be goes away.

    Benefit of This Blog: Accomplish More with Increased Satisfaction and Happiness

    When I’m the self I want to be, I know I accomplish more and that leads to more satisfaction.  And there is a feeling of well-being that is wonderful. I am not fighting with myself.  I selected my MIN and focused on it for at least 50 minutes till my iPhone said time for a ten minute break. Productivity, peace, satisfaction.

    How does happiness fit in?  There are many, many definitions of happiness.  Here is one that I really care about.

    With Secret 2, I clarified my passion in writing and reviewed at the beginning of today.  With Secret 3 and the 5-Second MIN Secret, I selected my MIN.  When I am TIIMM, I experience the peace of not fighting with my worse self. And this peace is all the more important because I know this MIN is helping me enjoy the life I really want.

    Accomplishment, satisfaction, happiness!  It’s a great feeling.


    Suggested Action

    Test these 3 simple steps for a week and see how it helps your accomplishment, satisfaction and happiness.


    Question for You Now

    Leave me a note related to the part of this blog that is most important to you.