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About The Aligned Way

The Aligned Way is a consulting firm with 35 years experience. Working with large and small companies, The Aligned Way has the expertise to ensure success for your organization.  The Aligned Way offers educational programs and consulting support that will dramatically improve your organization’s bottom-line results.

Through The Aligned Way programs, people learn to focus on the most important mission-critical priorities and relationships and align their efforts toward achieving goals, providing more effective service quality, and becoming more satisfied in their professional and personal lives.

About Coach Jim

Dr. R. James Steffen has designed and makes available here the industry’s most powerful time management system and tools called the Aligned Thinking™ Process. By showing how to align your every action to WHAT YOU REALLY WANT, this elegantly simple time management system will guide you to get the most from your business and personal life and balance the two. This is a win-win-win, a win for you, your company and your clients.

Dr. Steffen has also developed the Successful Partnering™ Process that has been proven to create a competitive edge in the CRM, PRM and ERM areas.

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